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Homes for sale in Venetian islands

The Venetian Islands in Miami Beach

The Venetian Islands are a set of islands making up one of the most sought after Miami Beach neighborhoods. Despite being so close to the heart of South Beach, this neighborhood is quite tranquil. From east to west, the islands are as follows: Belle Isle, Rivo Alto Island, Di Lido Island, San Marino Island, San Marco Island, and Biscayne Island. The Venetian Causeway runs through all six islands connecting the islands to the mainland and Miami Beach proper. Located within Biscayne Bay, just off of NE 15th Street and Biscayne Boulevard, this chain of man-made islands grants buyers a serene environment within the hustle and bustle of the vacation capital of the world.

Belle Isle – Venetian Islands

The easternmost barrier island of the chain is Belle Isle. This island is home to a few apartment and condominium buildings, The Standard Hotel Miami Beach, and Belle Isle Park as the central focal point of the island. Belle Island was originally named Bull Isle, but was later renamed. During the early days of Miami Beach, Belle Island was known as the gate way to the beach and had an enclave of sprawling million dollar estates. Over time, Belle Island became how it is today, and is the only island within the chain to house multi-family units.

Rivo Alto Island – Venetian Islands

Rivo Alto Island is situated between Belle Isle and Di Lido Island. This island is home to spectacular waterfront and dry lot Miami Beach homes. Flagler Monument Island, an uninhabited island, is located at the southern tip of the island.

Di Lido Island – Venetian Islands

Di Lido Island is situated between Rivo Alto Island and San Marino Island. This island is home to stunning waterfront and dry lot Miami Beach homes. Residents can see the unfinished remains of another artificial island called Isola di Lolando, which is located at the northern tip of the island and is the remains of the Florida land boom. Recently, Di Lido Island has seen a great deal of remodeling of existing homes and new construction of homes.

San Marino Island – Venetian Islands

San Marino Island is situated between Di Lido Island and San Marco Island. This island is home to gorgeous waterfront and dry lot Miami Beach estates. San Marino Island is one of the mid-point islands, and offers spectacular wide bay views, and fascinating views of both the mainland and the beach.

San Marco Island – Venetian Islands

San Marco Island is situated between San Marino Island and Biscayne Island. This island is home to luxurious waterfront and dry lot Miami Beach estates. Due to its central location between the mainland and the beach, this island offers a great deal of privacy.

Biscayne Island – Venetian Islands

Biscayne Island is situated between San Marco Island and mainland Miami. This island is home to a handful of waterfront and dry lot Miami Beach homes, as well as a few apartment buildings.