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Crescent Heights Alton Road Park Developent The Park on Fifth

Crescent Heights Introduces “The Park On Fifth”

The intersection of Fifth Street and Alton Road on Miami Beach has been plagued with problems for some time now, traffic just being one of them. With the King Tides arriving again this weekend, we are reminded that flood management is another. If you drive through the intersection (or sit there for a while, as the case may be), you will notice an enormous vacant lot with a blighted shell of a building. Well, we have great news! Crescent Heights and Arquitectonica have unveiled a plan for this lot that solves a host of problems while making this intersection beautiful again!

The actual neighborhood that the park is located in is West Avenue. It is home to buildings such as Bentley Bay, The Mirador, Mondrian as well as the local Whole Foods and a host of restaurants and coffee shops. It is just across the street from Icon South Beach, the entrance to South of Fifth. In recent years, the area has become impossible to navigate and an eyesore. This causes potential new neighbors to shy away from the area. Crescent Heights plans to activate the area with an intelligently designed 3-acre park, a single 44-story tower designed by Arquitectonica, and street-level retail.

Eager to earn LEED certification from the US Green Building Council, Crescent Heights has designed the park to offer sustainable landscaping and public art. These will be elevated in order to maximize the park area while alleviating traffic by allowing for an additional lane of traffic that feeds from Alton Road to the MacArthur Causeway. There will be an onsite parking structure that is accessible from each side of the development, electric car charging stations, bike storage, and car and bike-sharing options that have recently become popular. To top it off, they are also building a pedestrian bridge to connect the development to South of Fifth.

Crescent Heights partnered with Arquitectonica to design a tower that would also highlight the Miami Beach skyline as you enter via the MacArthur Causeway. Prices and details of the residential units have not yet been released, but we will be sure to fill you in as soon as they are. In the meantime, what do you think of the design?

The Park on Fifth Miami Beach by Crescent Heights and Arquitectonica

The Park on Fifth Miami Beach by Crescent Heights and Arquitectonica

The Park on Fifth Miami Beach by Crescent Heights and Arquitectonica

The Park on Fifth Miami Beach by Crescent Heights and Arquitectonica


Fisher Island Miami Beach Private Club

Tour The Exclusive Fisher Island Private Club With CNBC’s “Secret Lives of the Super Rich”

If you have been curious about what exactly makes Fisher Island such an exclusive address aside from the fact that it is routinely on every one of the “Most Expensive Neighborhoods” lists, here is your chance to enjoy a video preview with CNBC’s “The Secret Lives of the Super Rich.” Sissy DeMaria, a resident of the exclusive enclave and island spokesperson allowed camera crews to cross the channel on the Fisher Island Ferry and document much of what the island has to offer.

The tour showcases the opulent Vanderbilt Mansion, once a winter weekend getaway for the famous family that is now the members-only clubhouse with a restaurant, piano bar, billiard area, and private pool. Residents also enjoy a private beach with white sugar sand that is imported from the Bahamas, a beach club, sunset bar, and a hand-rolled sushi bar.

Sports enthusiasts are pleased to see both clay and grass tennis courts as well as a golf course with a separate restaurant that offers a full menu of fresh salads, sandwiches, and a carving board buffet.

In addition to the clubhouse and sports amenities, residents enjoy their own aviary with flamingos, parrots and all sorts of tropical life. The smaller residents can even attend the posh Fisher Island Day School that boasts a lower student-to-teacher ratio than competing schools and high acceptance rates to the highest ranked private high schools in the area.

Residents can access the island via private boat (the marina can accommodate watercraft up to an astounding 200 feet), helicopter or via the ferry. If you access the island as a guest via the ferry, be prepared to answer to strict security because this is one of the highest security neighborhoods in the United States, even with its own patrol house located centrally on the property.

There are only 700 residents on Fisher Island and most consider it their weekend or vacation homes. Some notable neighbors include Oprah Winfrey, Andre Aggasi, and Robert Herjavek among others. Condos are offered for up to $30 million and feature floor plans larger than most any single family home.

If you would like to learn more about individual purchase opportunities including the newly-constructed Palazzo del Sol and Palazzo della Luna, please reach out. We are happy to answer any questions and offer a tour.

CNBC’s Secret Lives of the Super Rich: Fisher Island Club from Kreps DeMaria PR & Marketing on Vimeo.

South Beach Real Estate in Miami Beach's Famous SoFi (South of Fifth)

South Beach Real Estate Made Simple

Across the United States, there is no other neighborhood that’s quite like South Beach. Miami Beach’s world-famous neighborhood SoFi (South of Fifth) is simply jaw-dropping, and there are many reasons why it is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the country. Getting yourself into the neighborhood might seem challenging. Who wouldn’t want to live in such a stunning place? South Beach real estate is not as tricky as it seems. There are plenty of ways to simplify your experience if you’re considering looking for South Beach real estate. If you’re interested in reading more on why South Beach real estate is so unbelievable, click: No Other Market Like South Beach Real Estate.

South-beach-real-estate Made Simple

You will be the life of the party in South Beach!

South Beach is notorious for being the top destination for luxury travel; nightlife is second to none. While it’s true that South Beach is famous for being a lively neighborhood, that’s not to say that it’s not the perfect destination for you and your family as well .

It’s luxury mixed with practicality

miami beach south beach real estate - interior of luxury condos
If you’re planning to invest in South Beach real estate, you’ve already done a bit of research. You’ve come to find that it’s luxury, meshed perfectly with practicality. Seriously! There’s no neighborhood quite it in that way. While you may be tempted to write off South Beach as purely a vacation destination, we would challenge you to think again. The neighborhood is filled with breathtaking beaches, amazing nightlife, shopping, and diverse dining. But, it’s also relaxing, and perfect to wind down when you need it. While most of the homes are extremely luxurious, they also have an intimate vibe that makes them the perfect choice for you and your family.
Whether it’s as a vacation home, or somewhere to plant your roots.

If you’ve been searching for South Beach real estate, and you’ve decided that W South Beach is more your speed, no worries. You can find everything you need right here: W South Beach Real Estate— Live it, Own it!

If you’re interested in a property mentioned in this article, contact the experts in Miami Beach Real Estate.

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Purchasing Luxury Miami Beach Properties

Guaranteed No Stress When Buying Miami Beach Real Estate

Take the headache out of the purchasing process when buying Miami Beach real estate

If you’re considering buying a home or condo in Miami Beach, you might be a little bit stressed. Who wouldn’t be? There are thousands of properties to choose from and so many different styles. Consider how stressful it can be to go through the process of closing a deal. But, what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? What if there was a sure-fire list to follow to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible? First, let us just say that you’ve come to the right place. This article is all about ensuring that your Miami Beach real estate purchasing experience goes off without a hitch. And hey— it might even give you a little bit of inspiration, too! Without further ado, here is your step-by-step guide for buying Miami Beach real estate.

1. Use Real Estate Search Engine Tools to help you Research.

This comes down to research. When you’re planning to make a huge investment towards real estate, narrowing down your search will help immensely. Using a tool like this to help narrow down every specification will ensure that you’re not wasting any time. Everything from your price range, the amount of bedrooms you want, and your must-have amenities can be searched for. If you’re interested in condo life in Miami Beach, check out this article! The Five Best Miami Beach Condo Buildings.

Buying Miami Beach Real Estate
Here’s a gorgeous home for sale in Miami Beach that may be just what you’re looking for. 6 bedrooms/ 6.5 bathrooms, and gorgeous views.

2. Contact an expert Miami Beach Realtor.

Going through this process alone can increase stress levels. Let’s face it, we’re not all experts! Even if you’re pretty sure you have everything you need, having someone on your side who knows the business is going to be a substantial amount of weight off your shoulders. Contact an expert to ensure your experience is stress free.

3. Avoid common mistakes during the purchasing process.

The last way to ensure your experience in buying Miami Beach real estate is successful; avoid the common mistakes. For example, if you plan to work with a lender to buy your property, make sure that you’re pre-approved first! This will give you an edge, and ensures that you won’t be held back when the time comes to sign those papers. The second big mistake people make is looking aimlessly for potential future homes! Cruising around Miami Beach in hopes of finding something— you made it that much easier for someone else to swoop in on your ideal house, before you’ve even found it. Work smarter, not harder (refer to step #1).

If you’re interested in choosing your next Miami Beach home with Jonula, contact the experts.

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South beach luxury real estate

No Other Market Like South Beach Real Estate

Fortunately, for those who have invested in South Beach real estate, the highs and lows have been much less extreme. South Beach (in fact, all of south Florida) remains a haven for safe financial real estate investments. People from all around the world wish to be here, thus resulting in a rocketing demand for the luxury real estate. And why wouldn’t it? The long, sandy beaches, the events, the lifestyle, culture, arts, and nearness to the islands have all contributed to the popularity of this Miami beach neighborhood.

With a large number of houses and condos, the South Beach Real Estate market is sure to experience many booms that spark from increased investment hopes along with housing needs. Pure indulgence in opulence and style form the crux of South Beach luxury condos. The mesmerizing ocean front condos and houses tell the tale of Miami’s colorful glamour. Platforms like Jonula.com have made the hunt for the ideal abode in South Beach so much easier.

If you are all about the magnificence and the best that luxury has to offer, South Beach Real Estate is for you. The neighborhood has a beautiful warm weather, spectacular sandy beaches, a buzzing nightlife, and some of the most sought-after tourist destinations, like Lincoln Road, South Pointe Park, Miami Beach Botanical Garden and more.

The South Beach lifestyle is quite unlike those experienced in other parts of the country. The homes here are well known for their outdoor living style and design. Custom-built houses are offered by builders that are designed closely keeping in mind the buyer’s requirement. These homes also come with outdoor living amenities ranging from cozy to extravagant.

Apart from that, you can avail the services of a design consultant who will offer you numerous options for turning your outdoor area into a functional space with different features such as spas, pools, decks and patios. Perfectly trimmed grounds also add to the stunning sight.

All in all, if you are in search of a new home, whether for a change of pace, retirement or career move, South Florida is a great place to start thanks to its diverse real estate market with a number of available housing options and a broad price range.

If you prefer the condo life, find out about the top 3 condos in South Beach. Similarly, if you would like to invest in a house, this is the best place to start.