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considering purchasing an investment property in Miami Beach

Three tips when considering purchasing an investment property in Miami Beach

Purchasing an investment property in Miami Beach?

Investing in property in Miami Beach is a great move right now. Luxury condominiums are on the rise and nowhere is selling better than Miami Beach. But with all the buzz comes a lot of competition. It is important to be prepared and know as much as you can about the market before you enter one as competitive as the Miami Beach market. If you are looking to invest, we’ve put together three tips for you to consider when purchasing an investment in property in Miami Beach.

1) Know when to rent and when to sell

This is choice is pretty much up to what is best for you, but there are a few things to consider when you are deciding whether to rent a Miami Beach property out or to invest to sell. When investing to resell, it is best to improve the property as quickly as possible and sell as quickly as possible. With all the competition in Miami real estate, your property value has to increase and it has to increase fast in order to make maximum profit. When renting a property out, it is important to think in the long term. Location becomes much more important when renting a property out vs. selling it. Knowing what neighborhoods are booming and what type of locations are popular now and into the future is an important part of your investment. Follow this ways to buy a real estate property 

things to know when buying an investment property

2.) Know the Laws

Many people are unsure about local Miami law regarding property rentals. Airbnb is one of the largest companies for listing vacation rentals, but it is illegal in Miami Beach without the proper measures and is under strict regulation. Airbnb and the city of Miami have been in a long struggle over the legality of short term rentals, so be sure that you are up to date on the latest laws and regulations if you intend to invest for this purpose. The Planning Department of Miami has information on this topic and can provide resources to keep you informed.

bill and bryan miami beach real estate experts

3.) Get Expert Advice

Before investing in property in Miami Beach, you should seek the advice of professionals to ensure that you are getting off to the right start. The experts at Jonula are available to help in any way you need. Bill Hernandez and Bryan Sereny are trained professionals who have worked with both investors, buyers, and sellers, all to great success in the Miami Beach area. When you take your first step, or even your thousandth, having a team of real estate experts with insider knowledge is a great way to maximize your profits and make sure you are ahead of the competition.

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Miami Beach Apartments for Sale Waterfront View

Short Story: The Truth About Miami Beach Apartments for Sale

Everyone wants in on the amazing lifestyle that Miami Beach offers. However, buying a classic, single-family home isn’t always the best option for everybody. When it comes to Miami Beach real estate, we like to say there’s something for everyone, and that’s true! But, we must admit that there’s a truth to be revealed about Miami Beach apartments for sale. When it comes to renting in Miami Beach, things aren’t as simple now as they once were.

When you’re considering living in this amazing city, and you’ve decided that renting is for you, you’ll want to hear this short story regarding Miami Beach apartments for sale.

We’ll start with this. If you consider yourself an avid traveler, you’ve likely heard of Airbnb, which is a service that allows people to rent out their homes to visitors. Its premise is that living in someone’s actual property makes it a much more authentic experience to the area that they’re visiting. Living in a residential neighborhood, authentically living next to residents of the city, and experiencing both the pros and the cons. I mean who could disagree? This is the best way to get to know a city for real— by actually living in it. However, Miami Beach as a city has banned Airbnb.

Why does this matter? Well, it hurts those who buy property in Miami Beach with the intent to rent it out. The market of Miami Beach is populated with plenty of people who would rather rent than buy. What happens when people are buying properties to rent them out, only to learn they cannot use Airbnb’s services? The game becomes a bit trickier.

Lucky for you, if you’re hoping to seek out apartments for sale in Miami Beach, there are plenty of options.

Miami Beach Apartments for Sale Living Room With View

This Miami Beach apartment for sale is just one of the many options you’ll find when you click here. With 4 bedrooms/ 6.5 bathrooms, this house has plenty of space, and you’ll be sure to feel right at home (and pssst… this particular unit is brand new, and has never been lived in).

If apartments for sale isn’t what you’re looking for, you can still find plenty of rentable options, here.

Miami Beach Apartments for Sale Waterfront View[https://retsimages.s3.amazonaws.com/06/A10246806_1.jpg]

This Miami Beach apartment available to rent is a gorgeous example of how you can still get the best of both worlds in the city.

If you’re interested in a property mentioned in this article, contact the experts.

real estate in miami beach pool

Top 3 Ways To Buy Real Estate in Miami Beach

There are two types of people when it comes to buying Real estate in Miami Beach. Well, real estate anywhere, but specifically in Miami Beach. First, the type of person who is absolutely convinced that shopping for real estate is the most stressful task on the planet, and that it shouldn’t be attempted at all. The second type of person is the one who believes they can do it all on their own, with no assistance, and no training. Both of these people are wrong, especially in the realm of buying real estate in Miami Beach. But, I’d like to introduce you to a third type of person in this process: the type of person who accepts that this job might be too big for them to handle on their own, and welcomes the idea of bringing in help. Becoming the third type of person is your sure-fire way to stay on track in your process of buying real estate in Miami Beach. Keep that in mind, no matter which way you choose to buy real estate in Miami Beach.

As a vacation home

The first way you can buy real estate in Miami Beach is to invest in it as a vacation home. Miami Beach is a city that has it all, and R&R is not excluded.

real estate in miami beach front view

This home is a gorgeous example of the type of property you could invest in as a vacation home. Gated, and in the most beautiful city in the United States. The beaches are not far from home here, and you have the freedom to do as you please while you’re on vacation.

As a rental property

The second way you could invest in real estate in Miami Beach is to buy it with the intent to rent it out. Renting out properties is one of the most lucrative ways to increase your income easily, and real estate in Miami Beach is the perfect way to get your foot in the door.

As a permanent residence

And of course, the most obvious way to buy real estate in Miami Beach is to buy it with the intent to make it your permanent residence. I mean, with so many incomparable options, you won’t have trouble making that sort of commitment.

real estate in miami beach pool

This home is gorgeous, with plenty of amenities and curb appeal. 7 bedrooms/ 9.5 bathrooms make this home the perfect opportunity to plant your roots in Miami Beach, and take advantage of what the most beautiful city in the U.S. has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about real estate in Miami Beach, contact the experts.

Miami Beach Houses for Sale Beautiful Pool

5 Romantic Miami Beach Houses for Sale

The most beautiful, relaxing city in the United States has another overlooked characteristic— how romantic it is. Don’t believe me? This article is highlighted 5 of the most romantic Miami Beach houses for sale. Whether it be for its curb appeal or amenities, we’re about to break it all down. Nothing says romantic getaway quite like the most luxurious homes in the country to spend time together in. You’ll already be swooning over these properties, why not swoon over your loved ones as well?

  1.     85 Palm Avenue

Miami Beach Houses for Sale Pool

This jaw-dropping home feels like a tropical paradise from the moment you walk in. Lit in the night, the warmth of the colors gives off the romantic feel right away. And just look at the pool, it’s like something out of a movie—

Miami Beach Houses for Sale Pool Deck

Tell us this isn’t romantic! The property is incredibly spacious with 8 bedrooms/ 8.5 bathrooms, but that doesn’t kill the mood. On a 30,000 square foot lot, you’ll find plenty of space to spend quality time with your special someone, even if the rest of the house is packed with people.

  1.     8000 Bay Drive

Miami Beach Houses for Sale Beautiful Pool

This home looks like it’s straight out of a movie. Complete with a wood-burning fireplace to snuggle up with your love, and a gorgeous courtyard to sneak away to when you want to feel a little bit of adventure.

  1.     6530 Allison Road

Miami Beach Houses for Sale Backyard with Pool

The sheer sight of this home gives you the urge to spend time with someone special, doesn’t it? Sometimes the vibe is everything, and this 4 bedroom/ 4.5 bathroom home well exceeds those expectations. The heated swimming pool also just screams “romance”.

  1.     1125 North Shore Drive

Miami Beach Houses for Sale Waterfront Home

If you can believe it, this home is even better in person. Tucked away on the largest lot of the island, this home is an absolute romantic getaway. It boasts beautiful fruit trees and other plants that make this home seem too good to be true (keywords: seem).

  1.     16 Palm Avenue

Miami Beach Houses for Sale Pool with views

And last but absolutely not least, this stunning Miami Beach home for sale is a romantic hideaway like you’ve never seen. Located in the amazing South Beach neighborhood, this home has romance as well as practicality, and fun.

The Miami Beach homes for sale are not only luxurious and practical, they’re also incredibly romantic. See for yourself, your dream home awaits.

If you’re interested in a property mentioned in this article, contact the experts.

Houses for Sale in Miami Beach

The Ugly Truth About Houses for Sale in Miami Beach

Make sure you know what to look for in houses for Sale in Miami Beach, FL

Ah, yes. Miami Beach. One of the most jaw-dropping cities in the United States. Everything looks like a vacation from the outside. I mean, how couldn’t it? The lush, sandy beaches, amazing views, gorgeous real estate, and so much more make it seem almost too good to be true. So, is it? Are houses for sale in Miami Beach simply too good to be true? Reserved for the movies and celebrities? When you’re considering your options in Miami Beach, these questions have likely crossed your mind. It’s hard not to become skeptical when you’re looking at the most grand of real estate. So, what’s the truth?

No, no. There is no dirty secret that will derail your whole house-hunting process. The real ugly truth about houses for sale in Miami Beach is that you will almost surely not be able to navigate the cutthroat market all on your own. It’s okay, you can sigh in relief now. It’s true, the market of houses for sale in Miami Beach is so saturated with hopeful buyers, that you need knowledge and experience on your side to make your dent and snag your ideal home.

Houses for Sale in Miami Beach

Here’s a perfect example of the type of home you need an expert’s help to snag. It’s a gorgeous Georgian masterpiece, and it’s available for the first time in over 30 years. It was built by Miami Beach pioneer, Carl Fisher, and it’s one of the most sought-after properties available. While this may not be the home for you, it’s still the truth for any home you may desire in Miami Beach. In other cities, you might be able to get by with not seeking out an expert. In those markets, your competition might be slim, maybe even none. So take this tip— you will not be able to score the home of your dreams in Miami Beach without consulting and working with an expert.

Did you think I was going to say something scarier? Nope, that’s it. That’s the secret. And lucky for you, now that you know it you can easily find your way around it. There are countless resources an expert will have that you won’t, so listen carefully. Click this link, and contact an expert. You’ll thank me later, but you need to do it in order to get your ideal home.

If you’re interested in a property mentioned in this article, contact the Miami Beach real estate experts.

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