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The 5 Best Miami Beach Condo Buildings

Miami Beach Condos

The living in Miami Beach is unmatched. Whether that be the amazing single-family homes, or the condos. Sometimes condo-living beats out any other home you can look at, so it’s helpful to know which Miami Beach condos are amazing. Well, which are the most amazing. In this article, we’re featuring the diamonds of Miami Beach condos. We’ll show you our five favorites, then you can do a little research of your own to see that all of them have something pretty special. For a full list of luxury Miami Beach condos, click here.
Edition Miami Beach
The first Miami Beach condo is none other than Edition Miami Beach. Located in the famous South Beach, this condo is unmatched luxury. Each unit in Edition is one-of-a-kind. That’s the pull, and they’re all equally gorgeous. This condo gives the word “opulence” a new meaning. Everything you can experience while living here is world-class. Don’t miss it!

Santa Maria

Next on the list doesn’t come far behind the others on this list. Santa Maria is known for its exclusivity. Tucked away in the Biscayne Bay grounds, you wouldn’t expect these condos to be all that they are. They include every luxury you can imagine. From private elevators, cleaning staff, manned gate, the list goes on.

Grove at Grand Bay

Grove at Grand Bay is next on the list, and while we’re pretty sure this preview photo is enough to make anyone swoon, we’ll give you even more reason to drop everything and get here.

Located in the heart of Coconut Grove, Grove at Grand Bay features luxuries not often come across. This includes a full-time chef onsite if you don’t care to cook for yourself, as well as world-class kitchen appliances that make it convenient to make anything you crave for yourself.

Portofino Tower

Next on the list is Portofino Tower is located in the most sought-after section of South Beach; the South Fifth neighborhood. Every feature of these condos screams “luxury”. Matched with each condo listed ahead of it, this condo is another diamond that Miami Beach condos has to offer.

Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour

Last but certainly not least on the list is none other than the famous Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour. Bal Harbour is another one of the most famous neighborhoods in the Miami area, and searching through these condos yourself will reveal that each unit is unique in its luxury. There’s a reason your memory “dings” when you hear the name, Ritz Carlton.

If you’re interested in getting an inside peek at any of these Miami Beach condo buildings, contact the experts.

Living in Luxury Miami Beach Condo

The Benefits of Living in a Miami Beach Condo

There are a multitude of benefits of living in a Miami Beach condo. Condominiums are much more than apartments. A condo is almost like a hybrid between an apartment and a house, because you are in a building, yet you have much more indoor living space, as well as outdoor living space at times. Read on to discover some of the benefits of living in a Miami Beach condo.


Often times, purchasing a condo is a bit less expensive than purchasing a comparable house in the same area. The price of a condo verses a house is dependent on the size of the home; but, in general, a condo in the same luxury level and neighborhood is lower than that of a house. However, it is also important to mention that condos come with association fees, which need to be factored in when making price comparisons.

No Outdoor Maintenance

A huge benefit of living in a Miami Beach condo is that you never have to worry about yard or outdoor maintenance. Condos, in general, are situated on professionally landscaped lots. In addition, condo owner don’t have to worry about painting the outside of their home or the up keep of the structure. Any physical outdoor maintenance or interior corridor shared spaces are all responsibility of the condo association. Owners are however responsible for paying the above mentioned condo association fees. However, having the association taking care of mundane issues is a big stress reducer.

24/7 Security

Miami Beach condo offer buyers unprecedented levels of security and safety 24/7. Condos offer gated and locked entries to parking, and often times offer professional security officers on duty, in addition to concierge and other staff. Another benefit of living in a condo is the close proximity with your neighbors, which you can turn to if you need help in case of an emergency or security situation, or you can alert them of any other concerns.

Resort-like Amenities

In general, Miami Beach condos offer residents marvelous resort-like amenities such as luxury spas, state-of-the gyms, heated pools, and beautiful common areas and lobbies. Other resort-like amenities include tennis courts, conference rooms, steam rooms, saunas, wine cellars, on-site storage, and more. In addition, Miami Beach condos offer 24/7 concierge, valet, and security services.

Miami Beach Condo Living

It is undeniable that Miami Beach condo living is a luxurious way to live. Miami Beach residents residing in condos feel like they’re on a permanent vacation, with all of the wonderful amenities and people catering to them. If you would like more information in regards to Miami Beach condos, contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.