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Alan Faena’s Lates Video of Faena District

To commemorate the opening of Developer Alan Faena’s Rem Koolhaas designed Faena Form, Alan Faena put on a serious of incredible events, from a public carnival style parade, to a private show from none other than Madonna. It has been remarkable to whitness this dilapidated neighborhood transform to the new epicenter of art, culture, and entertainment in Miami Beach. Below is a stunning video showcasing the entire Med-Beach Faena District along with a note from Mr Faena.

faena miami beach video


Dear Friends,

What was once an idea slowly turned into a laboratory for collective creation and a platform for the extraordinary; a reality that today we proudly call the Faena District. We have shown the world that in Miami Beach—a young, dynamic and evolving city—the power of dreams and the force of imagination are stronger than ever. But most importantly, we have proven that what is born from the heart is unstoppable.

– Alan Faena