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Living the South Florida Life

May 8, 2017

If you are all about work and play while living in the ideal place, South Florida is where you should be. South Florida offers more than 3000 hours of yearly sunshine, spectacular flora and fauna, stretches of white and golden beaches coupled with a lively beach scene, breathtaking blue ocean wave, and a canal system that will make you feel as you were in Venice. South Florida is a multicultural hub, with an incredible mix of great weather, natural beauty, recreational activities and cultural attractions. Here are just some of the exciting things you can expect from the state region.

The Miami Beach Real Estate Market

The Miami Beach Real Estate Market is a rapidly growing one due to South Florida’s fashionable and exciting international hot spot. Music and film stars, art-deco museums, and shopping centers, known as the “5th Avenue of the South” display the decadence and new world architecture that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Miami Beach nightlife concludes a remarkable vacation day with a wide range of American cuisine and ethnic food, topped off with hopping dance clubs and jazz cafes.

You can find a number of housing options if you get in touch with any Miami Beach Real Estate agent regardless of whether you are looking for a luxury apartment or an average condo-building unit with a range of amenities, such as a pool, gym and spa.

Cultural and Musical Festivals

South Florida houses many cultures that can be seen through its abundant art and cultural festivals. The Art Basel at Miami is a rapidly popularizing festival, and a stateside equivalent to Europe’s largest art festival held in Basel, Switzerland. Another example is the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, which parades colorful water boats covered in beads with people dressed as pirates.

south florida luxury liging

The Weather

If the tropical breeze and sun-tanned legs are what you live for, you will be glad to know that the South Florida life comes with a weather that is warm and humid throughout. The wettest month of the year is June, where it rains for an average of 10 inches. October and November are considered as the driest months.

To really discover the sunshine state, especially if you wish to enjoy the waters, finding the right Miami Beach Real Estate service is crucial to help you find a home that will be precisely in accordance with your lifestyle needs.

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