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    3 Mind Blowing South Beach Condos for Sale

    June 6, 2017
    south beach condos

    South Beach Condos for Sale

    Miles of soft, white sand beaches, amazing sunsets and palm trees everywhere. South Beach living is arguably as close to beach front paradise as it gets. It’s no coincidence that SoBe is home to Miami’s finest writers, actors, filmmakers, and athletes. Its diverse community of locals create a unique urban culture keeps this small neighborhood so exciting. Become a part of this dynamic beach community as South Beach has something for everyone and there is always someone new and interesting to meet. A privileged lifestyle of exclusivity and luxury awaits you with these South Beach Condos for sale.

    So, with hundreds of options at your fingertips, which condos are worth the second glance? Whether you’re looking for somewhere to move that’s family-friendly and caters to those needs, or you simply need a vacation home that fits your life of luxury, South Beach condos for sale are not going to disappoint. Here we’ll highlight 3 mind blowing South Beach condos for sale that we think will impress even the most prestigious of tastes.

    1. The penthouse

    Penthouse One at Three Hundred Collins

    Penthouse One at Three Hundred Collins is a perfect example of the types of condos you’ll find in South Beach. Located in one of Miami Beach’s most celebrated new developments, this condo is a spectacular piece of design and craftsmanship, evoking executive style and refinement. Just above the unit is a 75-foot pool. Surrounding it is a 15-foot-deep wraparound terrace. Of course, it has smarthome technology and a private elevator entrance. Nothing about this penthouse is normal: It’s one of a kind. Even the price is incredible, which is one of the reasons we’re so excited about it. Sellers are asking just $6.45 million.

    1. Those floors and cabinets though

    Apogee South Beach

    This condo, located in the Apogee South Beach building, has that type of home-y feel that you just can’t fake. Mixing boathouse charm and sleek luxury is exactly what this 4 bedroom/ 3.5 bathroom condo does. The cozy fireplace adds to the vibe, and you’re sure to feel right at home. And just look at that view!

    1. Classic South Beach

    ICON South Beach

    Sometimes we save the best for last. Last on the list is this stunning 3 bedroom/ 3.5 bathroom condo in ICON South Beach. Speaking of views? This condo is a must-see.

    Still not sold on life in South Beach? This article barely scratches the surface when it comes to what’s available in South Beach. Be sure to check out Jonula’s landing page to find exactly what you’re looking for. And after that, feel free to check out some more reading material on the neighborhood! Click: No Other Market Like South Beach Real Estate.

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